Cape Pediatric & Family Dentistry

"Give me a reason to smile"


The philosophy of our practice is based on the concept of preventive dentistry.  Our ultimate goal is to preserve yours and your child’s natural teeth for life.  We want every patient-child or adult-to have a beautiful smile with straight, white teeth.

We know that the dental care children receive before the age of fifteen largely governs the amount of dental care they need throughout their lives.  We also believe a beautiful smile positively influences a child’s personality for their entire lifetime.  We will keep an eye on how your children’s teeth and jaws are aligned and let you know if and when braces or Invisalign Teen® are indicated.

Our concept is to bring you and your children all of the dental care we give our own children and our Staff.  Simply put, the best and safest technology available is here in our office.  We have Digital Radiography—reducing x-rays to your child by up to 93%.  Also Laser technology for the quickest and best sealants, tooth colored fillings and soft tissue procedures available.  Using our laser to fix cavities there is no pain and no local anesthesia.  And incredible Digital Impressions (no more gooey mess to make moulds of your teeth) for imaging that is electronically sent to our labs for the most accurate & best adult crowns & bridges, pediatric space maintainers and orthodontic appliances.