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Cape Pediatric & Family Dentistry

"Give me a reason to smile"
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We welcome New Patients to our practice.  Our team is trained to care for children, teens and adults and they simply love doing it.  You are coming to our practice where we strive to deliver exceptional care.  We want to earn your trust by providing the best value in pediatric & adult dentistry.

We are very happy that you have chosen us to care for your childs or your dental health. Our practice is dedicated to treating the dental needs of children and adults in a kind and caring manner.

Your child's treatment will be based on their needs as your treatment will be based on your needs, both therapeutic and emotional, which we will address with tenderness, patience and expertise.  We feel that if children and adults can have fun while developing a positive dental attitude, they will be more likely to have good oral health for the rest of their lives.

For your child, the attitude of care provided is one of a festive nature where having fun is shared by staff, patients and parents alike.  Parents are invited to watch dental visits, encouraged to help during examination and instructed in tooth care.  No more wondering about what may be happening behind closed doors.  You can see for yourself our behavior management techniques and our infection control program in action.  We will happily care for your infant, toddler, child and teen through college years and are also equipped for those with special needs.

For adults, our treatment is based on treating you as we would want to be treated.  We will all work hard to give you our best so that you can be your best!  Whatever your needs from teenagers to adults we care about giving you adult general dentistry like no other.  Some of the services include regular cleanings, digital radiographs (x-rays), fillings (tooth colored & silver), veneers, crowns (gold & tooth colored), bridges, dentures, partial dentures, restoration of implants, whitening, Invisalign & TMJ treatment.

Welcome to our New Patients & Thanks for coming to our Practice,

Chendi Xu, BDS, MS, DMD, MPH & Murray Johnson, DMD, MS

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